Our Eighth “About A Photograph™” Video Features Renowned Photojournalist David Burnett

We just released the eighth in our “About A Photograph” video series.  In it, photojournalist David Burnett, described by American Photo magazine as one of the "100 Most Important People in Photography,” narrates the fascinating story behind his disturbing images of victims of Chilean president Augusto Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship.  The video interview can be found at http://aboutaphotograph.com

Burnett sensed the “sixtieth of a second” when the eyes of “The Man In The Picture” (as the photo soon became known) caught Burnett’s and history was captured.  The image ran in magazines and newspapers around the globe soon thereafter.

“There can be a moment when a photograph almost transcends the public moment and becomes something very private within that space,” said Burnett.  “I’d love to take a picture of him now.  But more importantly, I’d love to shake his hand.”

Burnett is a photojournalist with more than four decades of work covering the news, the people, and visual tempo of our age. He is co-founder of Contact Press Images the New York based photojournalism agency, now entering its 37th year. In July, 2011, David worked with Photographers for Hope to create a workshop for homeless news vendors in Glasgow, Scotland. He is also collaborating with the group "Facing Change - Documenting America" which is trying to recreate a modern version of the FSA, and take a serious look at the issues facing the country during these turbulent economic times. 

Think Tank Photo’s “About a Photographvideo series features some of the world’s leading photographers recounting the stories behind their images that captured global attention. 

Each short video focuses on the forces that led up to that perfect moment in time when subject, story, setting, equipment, and photographer converged. 

 “About A Photograph” is being produced by Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice, Think Tank Photo’s co-founders and award-winning photojournalists.   The video series will feature current as well as classic and historic photographs that span a range of styles, including documentary/photojournalistic, fine art, nature/environment, sports, and politics.