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Rotation Backpack Series Kickstarter


The Rotation 180 backpack series launched our MindShift Gear line of outdoor photo products way back in the nascent days of Kickstarter, and to this day it remains of our most popular packs.  But our design team never rests and they said Rotation was due for an update.  So after months of R&D, sending packs to photographers and content creators across the globe to test and photograph, and a slight delay due to a pesky pandemic, the all new Rotation Backpack Series debuted on Kickstarter

We launched the Kickstarter on Tuesday September 15th, and promptly made our funding goal in just 4 hours!  After all of the hard work it was awesome to see people respond to the updated design elements in the newest generation of Rotation packs in such a big way. 

Oh and those content creators we sent packs to ahead of time?  They came through in a HUGE way, sending us back incredible footage from the Alps, the streets of Taipei, the Scottish Highlands, Patagonia, the Grand Canyon, the Dolomites in Italy... well, you'll just have to check out the sizzle reel for yourself:

If you're interested in finding out more about Rotation and the updates to the series (magnets!) also be sure to check out the Kickstarter video, hosted by documentary filmmaker, Austin Meyer.  Austin breaks down the updates and technology that goes into this revolutionary design (see what I did there?) and highlights the differences between the three packs sizes: 22L, 34L, and 50L+.  What's the + mean?  Watch the video to find out!



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