Ask the Pros: What is consistently the most challenging thing on a shoot?

In our "Ask the Pros" column, we just asked 14 top professionals a new question: "What is consistently the most challenging thing on a shoot?"

Part 1 of the new column is available at:

“Ask the Pros” features luminaries from all fields of professional photography.  They include David Burnett (named one of the "100 Most Important People in Photography"), Pulitzer-winning photojournalists Al Diaz, Deanne Fitzmaurice,  and Vince Laforet, photojournalist, member of VII Photo, and a National Geographic contributor Ed Kashi, street photographer Alex Coghe, architectural and design photographers Dallas Dahms and Mike Kelley, digital innovator and eclectic shooter Falcon, photographer and writer Jose Antunes, documentary and humanitarian photographers Ziv Koren, Melissa Lyttle and Ami Vitale, and commercial photographer Nathan Pask.