Customize Your Think Tank Roller!

In his autobiography, Henry Ford famously wrote, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Visit any major sporting event and the press area is filled with one black roller bag after another.  To alleviate the tonal monotony and to add personal character, we have released the “Roller Flair” customization kit.  With this kit, owners of Think Tank rollers can outfit their wheels, ties, and handle wraps in one of four vibrant colors: blue, green, orange and red.

Each Roller Flair kit includes the following color-matched items: two wheels; 10 Easy Grip Zipper Pulls; one padded Handle Wrap; and an Installation Guide. 

Our roller bags are known for having the best wheels.  We use a custom rubber compound for smooth, quiet rolling while also increasing longevity. We use only ABEC-5 sealed bearings to ensure smooth rolling even after years of hard use.