Deanne Wins Picture of the Year Award

Think Tank Photo co-founder Deanne Fitzmaurice's evocative shot, "Frank and Joe," was a Picture of the Year International (POYI) "Award of Excellence" winner.

In presenting this award, POYI noted, "Frank and Joe were moved to tears as the officiant married them. When the California Supreme Court decided in June 2008 that it is constitutionally legal for same-sex couples to marry, Joe Alfano and Frank Capley, who have been in a relationship for 8 years, got married. Five months later, the passage of Prop 8 in California in November, now threatens the validity of their marriage."

Pictures of the Year International has inspired and educated photographers across the globe for close to six decades; its contest has recognized excellence in photojournalism by honoring the photographers, editors and their institutions of employment, and it has preserved a visual archive of our shared history.