Support For Fifty Crows Foundation

Think Tank Photo today announced that it is dedicating a percentage of sales of its newly launched Retrospective™ line of shoulder bags to Fifty Crows Foundation.  Fifty Crows Foundation aims to bridge the gap between venues and distribution mediums for documentary photography, and to encourage public dialogue on the issues raised through the photography.

Andy Patrick, founder and executive director of Fifty Crows Foundation, said, “Fifty Crows Foundation is very excited  to be partnering with Think Tank Photo.  Their values and ours are aligned, as we both believe that arrestingly real, timely images can be catalysts for education, cultural understanding, and social action.  Just as from its inception Think Tank made a commitment to serving the needs of digital photographers, we have embraced new media to unite communities to work together in confronting current social, political, and environmental challenges around the globe.

“Think Tank consciously designs its bags so that photographers can focus on their primary task:  capturing images that change the world.  We welcome the story behind the new Retrospective shoulder bags, which is to honor the reportage of such noteworthy photographers as Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank, while making the bags functional for today’s digital equipment.”

Designed for the professional photographer that wants to remain inconspicuous in any situation, the Retrospective comes in five models:  three shoulder bags and two lens changer bags whose retro mix of "Old-School" with "New-School" is a throwback to the days when bags where visually simple but highly functional. 

“We live in a time of immense dislocation, where many of the old systems of visual storytelling are being challenged,” said Doug Murdoch, Think Tank Photo’s president and lead designer.  “We need to support organizations such as Fifty Crows Foundation, for it is
redefining the means of distributing documentary photography so as to reach a large and diverse  public. We invite others to join with us in supporting this vitally important organization.” 

To find out more about them and to make a donation, go to