12 Luminaries Join Design Board

Twelve respected professional photographers and filmmakers have joined our Design Board (www.thinktankphoto.com/designboard.aspx).  These luminaries have agreed to provide Think Tank Photo’s designers with their carrying solution needs, input about what works and what doesn’t, and detailed information about the challenges they face in carrying a wide variety of complex and often heavy photographic equipment in different settings.

Think Tank Photo’s design board is by invitation only.  Its members serve for six months to two years.

The new Design Board’s members are:

David Bergman.  Action photographer and video producer

·         Boogie -- Street photographer

·         Matt Brandon – Humanitarian photographer

·         David Burnett – Photojournalist, Contact Press Images

·         Bob Deutsch – Staff photographer, USA Today

·         David DuChemin – Humanitarian photographer.

·         David Alan Harvey – Photographer, Magnum Potos

·         Reed Hoffman – Editorial photographer and educator

·         Ed Kashi – Documentary photographer and filmmaker, VII Photo Agency

·         Rachel Lacour Niesen – Wedding photographer and storyteller

·         Bob Sacha – Multimedia producer and documentary filmmaker

·         Tyler Stableford – Commercial photographer and filmmaker

“When we started Think Tank Photo, we vowed to eliminate all of the bureaucracy normally separating working photographers and filmmakers from
designers,” said Murdoch. “The Design Board allows us to not only create products that photographers and filmmakers really need, but to expedite the process significantly.

“We’re honored to have these 12 highly regarded professionals testing current and new products and advising us on what we should be developing in the future.  With the Design Board, we believe we significantly speed up the process of getting feedback directly from working professionals.”