Free Guide to Modular Component Systems Released

We have published a comprehensive, free guide to modular belt systems entitled “Modular, Skin, and Multimedia Component Systems.”  It is found at

A Modular Component System is the best carrying solution for photographers who require quick and immediate access to their photo equipment.  It consists of individual lens and accessory pouches that attach to and slide around a specially designed belt. Since the pouches are modular, the carrying system can be reconfigured to match any assignment, under any condition.

According to the Modular Guide, the key Modular Component System features required by professional and other serious photographers are:

  • Rotation -- The ability to rotate or slide component bags individually around a belt.  Rotating the bags periodically during the event not only allows access to gear, but makes the belt more comfortable since the position of the weight is changed.  
  • Capacity – Bags that accommodate the width and depth of fast lenses such as the 16–35 f2.8,   24–70 f2.8 and 70–200 f2.8.   Since the depth and width of each lens hood is different, it is important to choose a modular system that accommodates them.
  • Speed -- The ability to change lenses quickly.  Having an open top is the fastest way to pull a lens from the pouch.  No need to contend with a flap, zippered, or buckled enclosures.
  • Packing for Travel -- For photographers who travel frequently, pouches that compress and fold make packing and storage easier.
  • Streamlining -- Navigate through a crowd.  Lens pouches that stick out too far from the body make walking through a crowd extremely difficult.  Bulkier systems that use thick foam become a hindrance.
  • Noise Reduction -- Photographers encounter many environments where the sound of hook-and-loop ripping apart becomes a distraction and nuisance.
  • Stability -- The belt of a Modular Component System should not loosen during use and it should adjust tighter as needed.  

The Modular Guide explores how Modular Component Systems are used to shoot sporting events, weddings, and other news gathering events where rapid camera gear deployment is essential.  The ability to customize a lighter weight, less cumbersome carrying system has also attracted more travel and nature photographers.  A Modular Component System facilitates the use of multiple cameras, as well as additional lenses, batteries or flashes.