Completely Upgraded Modular Skin Rotation System Released

For those photographers who want no padding separating them from the gear on their belt system, we have completely redesigned our Modular Rotation System Skin™ Components to provide additional features and benefits.  These include easier photography gear retrieval, better equipment fit, and an updated/inclusive style. 

The Skin components are part of Think Tank Photo’s integrated Modular Rotation System belt carrying solution.  The Skin Components feature unpadded pouches and the Lens Changers and Gear Pouches feature padded components.

The new Modular Skin Set V2.0 includes the Skin 50 V2.0, Skin 75 Pop Down V2.0, Skin Strobe V2.0, and the Skin Body Bag.  All can be transported in the breathable Large Travel Pouch.  All of the elements can be carried as a set or as individual items on Think Tank Photo’s Skin Belt V2.0, Pro Speedbelt V2.0,  and Steroid Speed Belt V2.0.  The new Keep It Up™ Shoulder Strap provides vertical support to any Think Tank Photo belt and includes a memory card holder.

The new features are:

  • Wide mouth opening allows for smoother lens retrieval and replacement.
  • One-hand drawstring closure with the auto-locking mechanism:  only one hand is needed to
  • securely close the pouch.
  • Zippered bottom pocket includes seam-sealed rain cover.
  • Top handle allows for easy gathering of multiple pouches.
  • Smooth back reduces wear on clothing and helps components slide easily around the belt.
  • Secure front pocket with increased hook and loop.
  • Improved rip-stop nylon for increased durability and discrete styling.

All Skin components come with Think Tank Photo’s unique Rotate and Lock design feature that allows components to slide along the belt or fasten in a specific position on the belt.  They also feature the Skin system’s “sound silencer” functionality that silences hook and loop noise.