Retrospective 7 Receives GadgetMac Editor's Choice Award has just awarded the Retrospective 7 shoulder bag its Editor's Choice Award.  In its review GadgetMac noted, "[T]he Retrospective 7 is the most beautiful, and arguably the best looking camera bag there is. The exterior of it has a modern-day appeal designed with classic materials clean of any logos and badges. One has to appreciate the Retrospective's solid and svelte design free of clashing colors, textures and confusing crossing lines. This bag has the perfect laid back, ridiculously simple looking exterior that'll make you look less like an amateur and more like a National Geographic photographer.

"The Retrospective 7 is one of Think Tank's smaller shoulder camera bags that's an ideal every-day carry bag. The Retrospective 7's main interior compartment is roomy, and is designed to perfectly fit a normal sized DSLR with a normal sized zoom lens attached, plus two other normal sized zoom lenses as well as a host of other small accessories and add-ons you might have the need to carry along with you."

The editors concluded:  "Think Tank's Retrospective 7 is well worth the asking price, and if you're in the market for a superior camera bag that's contemporary and can hold your camera gear plus your MacBook Air or tablet, look no further. This is one incredibly well thought-out camera gear carrier. We love it, and can highly recommend it."