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Upgraded Cable Management Photography Pouches Released


Most professional and serious photographers will admit that they have “too much stuff.”  To aid them in organizing their cables, accessories, and odds-and-ends, Think Tank has released the Cable Management 10 V2.0, Cable Management 20 V2.0, and the Cable Management 30 V2.0.

The new Cable Management pouches feature a clear window, a wide opening, and a large capacity.  The Cable Management 10 is designed for power adapters and cables; the Cable Management 20 fits external hard drives and cables; and the Cable Management 30 holds two pro-size flashes.

 Additional features include:

  •  Elastic cable ties included
  • Grab handle (Cable Management 20 and 30 only)
  • YKK zippers
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Business card holder

 Their all fabric exterior is treated with a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating while the fabric underside is coated with PU for superior water resistance.  They are made with 210D silver-toned nylon, 210D black nylon, clear Polyurethane (PU), nylon webbing, nylon cord, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.


Cable Management 10 V2.0

  • ED: 7.3” W x 4” H x 1.8” D (18.5 x 10.2 x 4.6 cm)
  • Weight:  0.1 lbs (0.1 kg)

Cable Management 20 V2.0

  • ED: 7.3” W x 6.9” W x 1.4” D (18.5 x 17.5 x 3.6 cm)
  • Weight:  0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)

Cable Management 30 V2.0

  • ED: 7.8” W x 7.8” H x 2.7” D (19.8 x 19.8 x 6.9 cm)
  • Weight:  0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)


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