Third "About A Photograph" Video Released

We just released the third in our “About A Photograph” video series.  In it, National Geographic staff photographer Steve Winter narrates the events behind his gripping remote camera shot of two tigers located deep in a national park in India’s interior.  The video can be found at

Said Winter, “We got this picture the first day.  I wanted to change the lighting when we came the day after, but I looked at my assistant and said, ‘We can change the lighting, but we’re never going to get anything better than this.’”

As a National Geographic photographer, Winter has been attacked by rhinos in India, stalked by jaguars in Brazil, charged by a 11-foot grizzly in Siberia, and trapped in quicksand in the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar.  He started at National Geographic in 1991, which he calls “the best job in the world.”   He is also Director of Media for Panthera ( ) an organization whose mission it is to save the world’s 36 cat species.

Our “About a Photographvideo series features some of the world’s leading photographers recounting the stories behind their images that captured global attention.  Each short video focuses on the forces that led up to that perfect moment in time when subject, story, setting, equipment, and photographer converged.