“About A Photograph™” Video Features Music Photographer Adam Elmakias

Our newest About A Photograph video features the story behind noted music photographer Adam Elmakias’s poignant image of Suicide Silence’s late vocalist Mitch Lucker and his daughter in a private moment together backstage.  In the video, Elmakias narrates how this photo altered not only his creative viewpoint, but his understanding of the role of photojournalism in creating and capturing events for history.  The video can be found at http://blog.thinktankphoto.com/about-a-photograph/

In Adam’s words: “I sort of took the moment for granted.  But I had never had someone pass away after taking their photograph.  It opened up a whole new area for me.  A lot of the artists I work with wonder, ‘What is this photograph going to do for us in 20 years?  It doesn’t mean we have to publish or use it now, but can save it so that we have everything we’ve done documented.’”

Adam is a music and travel photographer based out of San Diego California.  He has spent the good majority of the past five years traveling with bands on the road.  They include A Day to Remember, Alan Ashby, All Time Low, Neil Westfall, Of Mice & Men, and Pierce the Veil.

Think Tank Photo’s “About a Photographvideo series features some of the world’s leading photographers recounting the stories behind their images that captured global attention.  Each short video focuses on the forces that led up to that perfect moment in time when subject, story, setting, equipment, and photographer converged. 

“About A Photograph” is being produced by Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice, Think Tank Photo’s co-founders and award-winning photojournalists.   The video series will feature current as well as classic and historic photographs that span a range of styles, including documentary/photojournalistic, fine art, nature/environment, sports, and politics.