MindShift Gear’s rotation180° Backpack Named Gear Junkie Top Gear of the Year “Outdoor Photographer's Dream Pack”

Gear Junkie, the highly respected outdoor gear review site, gave our sister company, MindShift Gear’s rotation180 Professional backpack one of its Top Gear of the Year Awards, calling it an “outdoor photographers dream pack.”

In their review, Gear Junkie said, “Mindshift hits the nail on the head — the design works really well, including an easy rotation move to scoot the hip pack out of the bottom of the pack and around front. Whenever I felt like snapping a photo, I just unhooked a quick-latch device, pivoted the hip-belt around so the camera pack faced forward, and pulled out my Nikon. The whole process took about 15 seconds without removing the pack from my back.

“Overall, the pack is a great product for the serious photographer who travels regularly and wants the versatility of carrying either a heap of camera gear or camera gear and clothing in a single, carry-on size bag…The innovative hip-belt design definitely seals the deal.”

The rotation180° Professional’s integrated belt pack holds a pro sized DSLR and two lenses, or the 70-200mm f2.8 attached to a body. Additional photo equipment, such as a spare body, flash, and up to five lenses, can be stored in the upper compartment’s removable camera insert. For minimalist excursions the insert can be removed and the pack filled with other outdoor gear. An internal aluminum frame supports and stabilizes heavy loads and the side pocket holds up to a three-quart optional hydration bladder.

Founded in 2002, Gear Junkie brings in-depth outdoor product reviews to a national consumer audience.  It is syndicated via a network of newspapers, magazines, and web sites to reach millions of readers each week.