Adventure Photographer Tyler Stableford Featured in New “About A Photograph™” Video

Our newest About A Photograph video features the story behind noted adventure photographer and cinematographer Tyler Stableford’s breathtaking image inside a rare cave in lceland's Langjökull Glacier.  In the video, Tyler relates how potentially dangerous it was to shoot inside a moving glacier.  The video can be found at

Said Tyler about shooting in nature, “It’s almost never as I envision it.  It’s always close to that.  But there’s some moving element that makes it a struggle.  Most photographers in nature continue to strive because they never know when that beautiful graphic moment is going to happen.  That’s the magic of photography for me.”

Based in Aspen, CO, Tyler has earned a worldwide clientele for his work. Men's Journal named him "One of the Seven World's Greatest Adventure Photographers,” and he is one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light.  Tyler has won numerous photo and filmmaking awards from The Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, PDN, American Photo and The International Photography Awards, among others.

Our “About a Photographvideo series features some of the world’s leading photographers recounting the stories behind their images that captured global attention.  Each short video focuses on the forces that led up to that perfect moment in time when subject, story, setting, equipment, and photographer converged. 

 “About A Photograph” is being produced by Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice, Think Tank Photo’s co-founders and award-winning photojournalists.   The video series will feature current as well as classic and historic photographs that span a range of styles, including documentary/photojournalistic, fine art, nature/environment, sports, and politics.