Freeway Longhaul Kickstarter — Now Available!

Freeway Longhaul Kickstarter — Now Available!

Well that Kickstarter escalated quickly... in an awesome way!  Our new Freeway Longhaul carry-all duffel series launched earlier this month on Kickstarter and hit its funding goal in just two hours!  Now available for direct purchase on our website, the Freeway Longhaul comes in two sizes, 50L and 75L.

When the Think Tank design mad scientists dreamed up their fantasy carry-all duffel gear hauler, the entire team knew they were onto something. 

We're ALL weekend warriors here at Think Tank, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we found ourselves trapped at home, unable to ride, run, climb, camp, hike, and travel like normal.  We started to go a little stir crazy.

But we funneled our pent up energy into designing and launching the Freeway Longhaul in just 8 weeks, and we're so glad we did!



Check out the pitch video our team shot with our own family members while we were all sheltered in place:


The Kickstarter was just the beginning, because you can order your Freeway Longhaul 50L or 75L (or both!) on our site right now!

As we all dream about the road trips and adventures ahead, we want to know — where will you take your Longhaul?