Logistics Manager Large Rolling Case Just Released

            We just released the Logistics Manager, our first rolling equipment case for lighting and photographic gear.  The rolling case’s endless interior layout options adapt to numerous equipment combinations and help manage all of the logistics of transporting and using a lot of gear while on location.

            Its roomy internal dimensions of 13.75”W x 27.5”H x 8.25-10”D (35 x 70 x 21-25.5 cm) allow it to hold multiple combinations of cameras and lenses, lighting gear such as strobes and reflectors, and accessories of all kinds.  As there are many instances when photographers shooting on location must leave behind some or all of their gear, Logistics Manager offers a three-tier security system:


-- A TSA combination lock to secure the main zipper.

-- A Security ID Plate with online plate registration allows lost gear to be identified and returned to the owner.

Its additional key features include:

-- Extendable handle for easy transport and maneuverability and replaceable wheels within protective housings for greater longevity.

-- Attachment points on both sides for tripods or light stands

-- A stretchable lower pocket in front that expands for cords, reflectors, and other grip items.

-- Upper front pocket with built-in organizer and key loop.  

-- An organizer side pocket for secondary storage.

-- Clear interior pockets for accessories.

-- "No Rhetoric" lifetime warranty


“The Logistics Manager provides the answer to a question often asked by working photographers, which is, how can I transport all of my gear into the field, have quick access to it, and secure it from loss or theft,” said Doug Murdoch, Think Tank Photo president and lead designer.  “We took the design and engineering principles we pioneered in our line-up of award-winning rolling camera bags and applied them to this very roomy pro photographer logistics solution.”



Internal Dimensions:  13.75”W x 27.5”H x 8.25-10”D (35 x 70 x 21-25.5 cm)

External Dimensions:  15.75”W x 30”H x 11.5”D (40 x 76x 29 cm)

Weight:  16  - 24.5 lbs (7.3 – 11.1 kg) depending on accessories used