Free Multimedia HDSLR Buyers Guide Released

To aid visual storytellers who are using the new HD Video HDSLR cameras to integrate still shooting, video shooting, and audio capture, we have released the Multimedia HDSLR Buyers Guide.  This online guide compiles information about the cameras, lenses, microphones, recording equipment, bags, and accessories professional photographers, videographers, and audiographers are using for this new form of expression.  The buyers guide is available for free at


Each section in the Multimedia HDSLR Buyers Guide features gear designed specifically for or compatible with shooting with HD Video HDSLRs.   Within each section is a short description of the gear, the price range, and links to more detailed product information.


With the Multimedia Wired Up Bag Collection, we became the first camera bag company to design and produce products specifically designed to support these types of cameras and the audio equipment that support them.


“For the longest time, experts awaited the merging of still, video, and audio capture.  We at Think Tank always felt that this convergence would driven by the hardware:  single unit equipment specifically designed for multimedia,” said Doug Murdoch, Think Tank Photo’s president and lead designer.  “Now, with the advent of cameras that have the ability to capture not only still images but also record video and audio, photographers and videographers have an additional tool for the purposes of story-telling. The HD Video HDSLR has created a new niche within these industries.”